Volker Grossmann 

Dental Surgeon, Prosthesist and Implantologist

"Success in any activity depends on your perspectives and a winning attitude toward yourself and others. Being a responsible healing professional is important, but to make people well requires that they also feel comfortable and calm. Helping people and interacting with patients daily is what makes life worth living for me. That's why I treat every patient as an old and dear friend, why my staff is always in a good mood at work, and why the clinic's operations are smooth and harmonious. Looking back, I see that I did my best work and experienced the most precious moments when I was truly enjoying my job."

Dr. Grossmann has been living and practicing dentistry in Moscow for more than a decade. After working for several years as the chief dentist at the American Medical Center, then the American Dental Center, Dr. Grossman founded the German Dental Care clinic.

Dr. Grossmann graduated from the Technical University and Medical Center in Aachen (Germany) - one of Europe's leading teaching hospitals. He is both a general dental practitioner and a specialist in cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry.

Alla Bashirova 


"Being a dentist is a great responsibility. Mostly doctor has only one attempt, but if every patient and every tooth is treated with the maximized amount of perfectionism one attempt is enough."

Graduated from first Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov in 2012. Passed clinical residency in the specialty of General practice at the Department of therapeutic dentistry of first Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov. He has the skills of modern endodontic treatment, aesthetic restoration of teeth and surgery. Constant participation in lectures and practical courses on therapeutic and surgical dentistry.

Natalia Kobyzova 


In many countries it is widely common to go to a hygienist regularly and with as much pleasure as to go to a beauty salon. Visits to this specialist reduce significantly the probability of caries. The more the removal of tartar improves the health of the gum and the stability of your teeth! 

Professional hygiene is useful for everyone, but especially important for people of advanced age to preserve the smile you are used to be healthy and beautiful!

Nina Samoilova 


Mrs. Nina Samoilova graduated from the Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, and then completed a full postgraduate course at the Department of Orthodontics. Later she defended her Ph . D . and from 1990 Dr . Samoilova has lectured at the Department of Orthodontics. She has over 70 publications, 5 of these are textbooks used in teaching practice.

Dr. Samoilova is a member of the Russian Professional Orthodontic Society, an active member of the European Orthodontic Society and a member of the World Federation of Orthodontists. She is constantly improving her knowledge and her skills in the field of Orthodontics: she did her probation in London and in private USA clinics. Dr. Samoilova is a frequent participant in international conferences and seminars giving talks and speaking about her practical experience of over 20 years.